How to automatically attract buyers and sellers instead of desperately chasing them.

Most real estate agents and Brokers take crazy risks in this so call real estate business…

… Risks that are totally unnecessary when you’ve positioned yourself correctly and strategically attracted pre-educated clients.

In other words, automatically attracts buyers and sellers instead of desperately chasing them.

And sure, it’s fine to throw things against the wall to see what sticks.

But not when each toss costs you thousands or even tens

of thousands of dollars.

In fact, most people are such insane risk-takers that they remind me of Annie Edson Taylor.

She was born on October 24, 1838, one of 8 children, in Auburn, New York.

Annie grew up without much money, became a school teacher, married, then lost her husband in the Civil War.

She did her best to scratch out a meager existence, and finally, at age 63, though she’d found her big break.

So she had a barrel constructed of oak slats, and iron rings, with mattress padding inside.

Then on October 24, 1901, her 63rd birthday, the barrel was put over the side of a rowboat, and Annie climbed in, along with her lucky heart-shaped pillow.

Fifteen minutes later she became the first person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel… and live!

If that sounds unfathomably crazy, we’re on the same page.

But frankly, it’s what I see Realtors and Brokers doing all the time.

New Agents and veterans alike think insane risks are not only normal… but necessary for success.

Believe me, They’re not.

In fact, building the foundation of your business (a client-getting machine) and positioning yourself as the pre-eminent expert in Real Estate… is all about

rock-bottom risk and sky-high return.

I’ll show you the secrets of ethical, win-win, the fellowship-driven business building that brings you relationship-based, high-qualified buyers and sellers

profit clients in no time… with virtually no risk.

>>> You’ll also see why clients are plentiful for Brokers and Realtors with in-demand experience and expertise that others not only need but are happy to

hire you (when you know how to reach and persuade them)…

>>> You’ll meet my formerly struggling, down-to-earth clients who just wanted more freedom, who were tired of the relentless grind, or worse --the day-job drudgery-- and who KNEW there’s an easier way…

>>> You’ll see why this is the absolute BEST time to virtualize your business and become time, location, and financially independent… that niches and markets are NOT saturated but bursting with new opportunities RIGHT NOW…

>>> You’ll understand how simple the journey can be with the right roadmap and high-leverage automated tools… You’ll be inspired by these folks who were once struggling


They were missing the key strategies, tools, and insights… that you’ll get at today’s FREE ONLINE TRAINING.

So even if you’ve tried a million tricks and techniques to get high-paying, well-behaved buyers and sellers and nothing’s worked, I guarantee that building a

relationship-based business with a continuous flow of new clients pouring in...

… Can, and SHOULD be, safe, streamlined, and simple.

That’s why I expect to see you at the training.

Frank Sanya

Founder Buyers and Sellers On-Demand

How to Run a Figure Real Estate Business in 2022